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The Department of Defense Hotline - Posters

About DoD Hotline Posters

DoD Instruction 7050.01, "DoD Hotline Program," December 17, 2007, outlines the requirement to publicize the DoD Hotline Program and encourage the DOD community to identify and report suspected fraud, waste and mismanagement in DoD programs and operations.  As prescribed in the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement-- Part 203.7002 certain Defense contractors must display DoD Hotline posters in accordance with DFARS Part 252.203-7002.

In that vein, we encourage representatives from the military services and Defense agencies to display DoD Hotline posters. The different poster styles, along with informative brochures and business cards, can be used to assist with your unit's or agency's fraud prevention programs.

We also have available a poster related to Overseas Contingency Operations. This special Hotline Program was established in an effort to increase the ability of our military, contractors, and civilians in Southwest Asia to report allegations of fraud, waste, and abuse.  

The Office of Inspector General also makes available the Trafficking in Persons (TIP) poster in support of the Department of Defense efforts to combat TIP. 


Download Posters & Publicity Materials

You may download any of the files presented below by clicking on each image.  If you wish to order hard-copies, please scroll to the bottom of this page to submit the order form.

DoD Hotline Brochures, Infographics and Posters
Fraud, Waste, Abuse, Human Trafficking
2014 Hotline Poster 1
[PDF]   [JPG]
Fraud, Waste, Abuse, Human Trafficking in Southwest Asia
2014 Hotline Poster 2
[PDF]   [JPG]
Contractor Whistleblower Rights
2014 Hotline Contractor Poster
[PDF]   [JPG]
Hotline Brochure
Hotline Brochure
SWA Hotline Brochure
SWA Hotline Brochure---DoD Hotline Brochures, Infographics and Posters
DoD Hotline Process
DoD Hotline Process
Business Cards
Hotline Business Card
2014 Hotline Business Card
DoD Whistleblower Protection Ombudsman Poster
WPO Poster (Letter Size) - Available in printable pdf only
Whistleblower Protection Ombudsman Poster Letter size

Order DoD Hotline Posters

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